WyndWater Fountain, Hamsptead NC
WyndWater Entrance, Hampstead NC
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WyndWater Fountain, Hamsptead NC
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The WyndWater Lifestyle

Live. Breathe. Be.

One of the many benefits to living in a Southern coastal community, is that every day is an opportunity to embrace a healthy, laid-back lifestyle—and WyndWater nurtures your inner journey by offering the practical ease and natural delights that so many of us yearn for in today's world.

From the wide, gentle curves of sidewalk-lined roads to homesites that respect the mature trees and natural lay of the land, WyndWater invites you to be a part of Nature. Sparkling ponds and fountains tempt you to settle onto a community swing and breathe in the fresh air. Perhaps you've always wanted to learn the names of local water birds, or photograph their annual rite of passage from fluffy fledglings to winged ambassadors of salty breezes… in WyndWater, Nature calls you home.

Green spaces have been reserved so that friends and neighbors can share picnics and laughter; and lakes with piers and covered gazebos will offer perfect spots for quiet contemplation—or a little lazy fishing.

The pool and bathhouse will be opening just in time for warm days spent relaxing in the sun. Designed to be welcoming, the pool was sculpted with steps leading into the water, ample room for vigorous laps, and even splash fountains in a shallow area that children and the young-at-heart will love!

Or if you're feeling even more energetic, a brisk walk will carry you from the sidewalks of WyndWater to the Kiwanis Park off Sloop Point Loop Road. With sports fields, a playground, a picnic shelter, and more, you can mingle with other Hampstead-area residents for intramural activities and outdoor fun. And with top-ranked North Topsail Elementary only a short distance further, your little one's school days can begin and end with fresh-air adventures.

For saltwater-lovers, Topsail Island's beautiful beaches are just minutes from your front door, and Hampstead's public boat ramp is even closer! Whether you'd like to help baby sea turtles find their path to the ocean, take up windsailing, or enjoy a sunset cruise, the choice is yours.

As a master-planned community, WyndWater will continue to evolve. With each phase that's developed, green spaces, play areas, walking trails, sidewalks dotted with swings, covered resting spots, and other features will be included to enhance this graceful, sprawling community.

When asked how best to describe the beauty of WyndWater, Mike Pollak, one of the developers, had this to say:

“WyndWater is a community for those of us who are nostalgic for our childhood neighborhoods. A place where you can make tomorrow’s memories… every day.”

We’d love to share our vision of WyndWater with you, so please visit and see for yourself!